Septic tanks

A septic tank is an integral part of a septic system and is common in the more rural areas and parts of the Ethekwini municipal area. Effectively, they are an an on-site sewage treatment system that are not connected to the main sewage system provided by local governments, and as such, need to be regularly cleared out and emptied. The tank needs very little routine maintenance except for servicing every three to five years.

We are Septic Tank Specialists. We locate, expose, desludge/empty septic tanks and provide a list of faults if any are found. If repairs to the septic tank are required or if the soakaway needs replacing a quote is given before work commences.

Septic Tank System


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Locate Septic Tank

Clean/pump/desludge/empty tank

Manual sewage removal

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Faulty Septic Tanks

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